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The US alleged peace plan won’t pass

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The Palestinian people have expressed from an early moment of announcing the US peace plan that they won’t allow any suspicious attempt to obliterate the Palestinian national rights to be passed.

As all the Palestinian factions and parties have expressed their clear and absolute rejection to the alleged US peace plan known as the ‘deal of the century’, the Palestinian people, as well, won’t allow and will do what is needed to object this deal which destroys the national ambitions of the Palestinian people in having a fully independent state.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns from this plan which is designed for the Israelis to keep control of Palestinian territories and resources, the Ministry calls upon the International community and states to stand against this Trump-Netanyahu plan which contradicts the UN resolutions and ignores the basic rights of the Palestinian people.

The Ministry warns also that this plan won’t bring stability in the region and this plan will be responsible for the repercussions of such plan.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gaza – Palestine