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The blockade on Gaza decreases the capacities of Palestinians to fight novel coronavirus

طباعة تكبير الخط تصغير الخط

Despite the weak and limited capacity of the Palestinian government in its fight against the novel coronavirus, the Gaza strip is, so far, free from any infected case.

This doesn’t mean that Gaza is immune from the virus, where the government is mobilizing all its efforts to keep Gaza safe from the virus. The government in Gaza has taken several steps to protect the Palestinians in Gaza and imposed strict measures on the arrivals to ensure their safety.

Yet, the Gaza strip is already hit by a different form of virus called the blockade-virus, as the entire world knows what are the repercussions of such 14-year-old blockade.

The health sector is among the public sectors that were badly affected by the blockade, as being notified by the health ministry there are severe shortages in the medicines available in the ministry’s stores, in addition to the weak health infrastructure where the Israeli occupation hindered over the past decade any development for in the health infrastructure.

As the entire world is struggling to safeguard the people from the novel virus, the Israeli blockade is making the job difficult for the Palestinians in Gaza.

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs addresses all concerned United Nations agencies and Human rights groups to pressure on the Israeli authorities to end the blockade and allow the entrance of all needed medicines and medical kits to fight such pandemic.

Moreover, and in another topic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds the Israeli authorities responsible of the health conditions of the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, where intentioned negligence is reported by the Israeli prison authorities.

Once again, stand with Gaza in its combat against the virus and don’t leave it vulnerable to the virus.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gaza – Palestine

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