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The Palestinian government in Gaza launches a flash appeal to the International Community to provide US$ 23 million to curb coronavirus outbreak in Gaza

طباعة تكبير الخط تصغير الخط

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the calls by several UN officials which highlighted the deteriorating health situation in Gaza and its vulnerability in the face of the outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic, along with their calls to the end the unjust Israeli blockade on Gaza.

So far, the health ministry in Gaza confirmed the infection of nine Palestinians with novel coronavirus. However, as being stated in previous statements, the healthcare system is crippling in the light of the Israeli occupation and blockade, and also in the light of shortages of all needed health materials & equipment including, surgical masks, ventilators, ICUs, medicines and medical disposables.

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Palestinian government, calls upon the International community and the United Nations to raise funds of US$ 23 million, as demanded in the health ministry’s flash appeal, to help the Gaza strip combatting the coronavirus. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gaza – Palestine

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