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The Israeli occupation authorities continue their repressive measures against the Palestinian people and hinder the efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19

طباعة تكبير الخط تصغير الخط

Even with the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli repressive measures have never stopped against the Palestinian people whether in Gaza by keeping the blockade on it and hindering the efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus or in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem where the Israeli occupation forces continue arresting Palestinians, demolishing Palestinian homes and giving a free hand to its settlers to attack Palestinian properties.

In occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli authorities are excluding the Palestinians from their measures against the coronavirus where they didn’t provide the hospitals in occupied Jerusalem that serve Palestinians with needed medical equipment. This policy puts the Palestinians in danger of being infected with the virus.

During March, the Israeli occupation forces detained around 357 Palestinians from different cities in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Moreover, few days ago, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated tents designated for emergency clinics for Palestinians in the northern areas of occupied Jordan Valley and demolished three seasonal homes for Palestinian farmers in the village of ‘Ein a-Duyuk a-Tahta’ west of Palestinian Jericho city.

In addition to the deliberate medical and health negligence policy against the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails who are vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands urgent steps by the International community and the United Nations to pressure on the Israeli authorities to end its repressive measures against the Palestinians, to end the blockade imposed on Gaza and to assist the Palestinian government in its efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gaza – Palestine

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