Press Release

The Israeli alleged annexation plan: another theft to the Palestinian land

طباعة تكبير الخط تصغير الخط

Since 1948, the Israeli occupation authorities have never stopped from looting and exploiting the Palestinian lands and resources. The last of these attempts was announced by the Israeli government to loot\annex large areas of occupied West Bank to its alleged sovereignty where the annexation is scheduled to take place at the start of July.

By this Israeli theft, tens of thousands of Palestinians who live in the areas to be annexed, will fall under the Israeli pressure and harassment to force them to leave their lands, taking into consideration that most of these areas are resided by Palestinian farmers who depend on farming for their living especially in the Jordan Valley areas.

The Palestinian people and political parties have expressed their absolute rejection to such Israeli plans and vowed to exert all efforts to prevent the Israeli theft to the Palestinian lands.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza considers this Israeli provocative step as a dangerous precedent where it will have serious repercussions on the region. Therefore, in the light of this Israeli step, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms on the following:

– The Ministry hails all the calls issued by many states around the world in addition to the calls by several concerned UN agencies that opposed the Israeli plans and called for tangible steps to prevent Israel from proceeding with such theft as it is considered a grave violation to the International law and UN resolutions.

– The Ministry again warns from such theft plan, and confirms that the Palestinian people have the right to express their rejection to the plan with all possible legitimate means and to defend their lands from the Israeli theft.

– Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon the International community to keep its pressure to prevent implementation of the Israeli plan and to hold the Israeli authorities accountable for its violations against the Palestinian people and lands.

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