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The Israeli Occupation intensifies bombardment, tightens the blockade on Gaza

طباعة تكبير الخط تصغير الخط

For the ninth consecutive day, the Israeli aggression on Gaza continues with heavy bombardment in different areas across the besieged Gaza strip, causing huge material damages in the properties of the Palestinian citizens.
On Friday, the Israeli warplanes targeted with dozens of missiles areas in west of Gaza city, north of Gaza and in Khan Younis city in which heavy damages and destruction were reported in the targeted areas and the neighboring houses.
Meanwhile, the Israeli artillery bombarded eastern areas of Gaza on Palestinian farmlands.
In the same time, the Israeli authorities have tightened its blockade on Gaza by banning the entry of the fuel and construction materials into Gaza causing disruption in the electricity supplies up to 18 hours a day.
The electricity cuts are adding more burdens on the health sector, where the hospitals are currently depending on generators as well as adding burdens on the work of the municipalities which depends on the fuel and electricity to provide its vital services including the water supplies and the wastewater plants.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza condemns in the strongest words this round of Israeli aggression on Gaza which never stopped for more than 14 years. The Ministry confirms that the Israeli authorities are responsible for the repercussion of such dangerous military escalation where it didn’t abide by the truce understandings with Gaza.
Therefore, the Ministry calls on the International community and all concerned stakeholders to exert all efforts to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza and to end the unjust blockade imposed on the people in Gaza for almost 14 years.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Gaza – Palestine

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