The delegation “Miles of Smiles 37″ leaves Gaza

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A convoy of” miles of smiles37″ left on Wednesday the Gaza Strip thourgh  the Rafah crossing, after a week-long visit, It included several meetings, visits and assistance to the poor and needy, especially those with special needs.

Essam Youssef the chief of “Miles of smiles convoy” confirmed at end of his visit that the convoy aspires to run delegations periodically to Gaza.

Delegations are considered “messengers to convey Gaza’s suffering to the world in an attempt to gather support, for more than two million people who are suffering the poverty and unemployment.

A “Miles of Smiles 37” delegation arrived last Wednesday in Gaza, It included parliamentary and political characters of different nationalities, In addition to several medical teams and specialists from several surgical specializations to provide medical care for Gaza patients. the humanitarian convoy carried logistics equipments for disabled persons

During its visit to Gaza, the delegation met with the injured institutions, to present the most important needs and challenges facing the injured in the strip, and what interventions are needing to rescue them and mitigate their suffering.

The delegation also participated in the implementation and opening of several relief and development projects, In addition to visiting the hospital of Al-Wafaa for medical rehabilitation and specialized surgery.

The delegation members also visited the shifa medical complex and were informed about its role and work despite the crisis with lack of medicines, They also visited the Esalama association for the care of the injured, and Haifa medical Hospital east of Gaza city, They were briefed on their work and role in serving marginalized groups, the poor, the wounded, the injured and the disabled, In addition, the delegation held meetings with charitable and civil society organizations.

The humanitarian convoy visited a number of houses of wounded, especially those with special needs who injured during  the return March.